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What is Campus Meme?

We found that the plethora of college/university Facebook meme pages was getting far out of hand, and it was too difficult to decipher quality memes from all the crap - and that is exactly why Campus Meme was built. Campus Meme aims to organize and aggregate memes that are related to the everyday life at various colleges and universities around the world. Quality memes will rise to the top and the crap will sink to the bottom.

How do I Create a Meme?

If you want to put together a meme, check out Quick Meme. Alternatively you could fire up an image editor like Paint and place some text over the image of your choosing. Once all that good stuff is done, head here and upload the image from your computer.

What About an App?

We plan on first launching an iOS app in the near future. Keep your ear to the ground!

Help My Campus Is Missing!

We are sorry your campus is missing - send us a note and we'll try to get it up ASAP: contact@campus-meme.com

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Lastly, Who are We?

Like you we are also university students! If you would like to get in touch, send your emails to: contact@campus-meme.com

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